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Gambling and Law

  These are the enemies forever – majority of countries legally prohibit gambling or at least don’t appreciate much. Laws are the main instrument against gambling – they restrict its placement, its payouts or simply – the police come, confiscate the machines and destroy them fiendishly somewhere in the desert.

  Really, how can gambling and law be friends, when the first one takes the lion’s share of the people’s income which could be spent on the goods – and thus bring taxes to the state? They can’t. Of course, gambling brings money to state itself – through the taxes and dues – but the sum can’t be even compared to the amount that is spent by the players on the games. Additionally, it often leads to the addiction. And addicts can do anything to get what they want – they can threaten, rob or kill his neighbors, relatives, friends for money to gamble. This is not legal, of course – and the reason will be only gambling. So, the law is obliged to fight against gambling business.