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Gambling and Church

  Gambling is considered to be one of the sins for the church leaders. It is universal opinion for all priests. But really they are just canters – they gamble, and not for fun but for money! There were many cases when a churchgoer came to the bar to relax and play video poker a little bit and caught a disguised vicar from a nearby church by a hop near the gambling machine. Moreover, during one of the discussions several members made a confession that they gambled and bought lottery tickets several times to gain some money – to pay the gas. But it is only their words – that could be a lie and they played because they were addicts.

  In general, the churchmen say that gambling should be prohibited or at least replaced with the walking, traveling, reading or simple chatting and meeting with friends. These activities are said to be an effective substitution. Ha! They are wrong! Simple walk can’t give you excitement that you get when you bet all-in and only the river lays between you and the victory. No reading can simulate or show the feeling of expectation in blackjack when it is hit-or-miss and all depends on the next card. It is ridiculous to think so! But if you are a religious person, all this is not for you. Just enjoy the other articles.