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The First Gambler

  Do you think the first gambler was the one who invented cards or decided to play for the shells on the sandy shore? No! You are wrong. The first gambler can be named definitely – it is Adam, the first man according to the Bible. He gambled with Eva about the possibility that the God will find out about the apple theft. He lost all – he received only the Earth and mortal life instead of immortal existence in the Heaven. He chose the wrong casino and was cheated by the Snake. The result is well known – we live here, in the world of vices and gambling, where you can easily lose everything you have and gain welfare from nothing.

  OK, it’s time for serious talk. The REAL first gamblers were the primitive tribes. They made time pass with the primitive version of rock-scissors-paper and gambled on the axes, animal teeth and fells. The poor guys could lose all and were marked to die from the hunger and cold – or just sneak in the cave in the dead of night and kill the luckier opponent. Or they didn’t wait for the night and showed hackles immediately after the defeat. At that moment no gambling was involved.. or – no, they began to play with the death – the winner really got all.

  Thanks to the survived, we know gambling now. Without them, we would never experience the excitement of playing at the poker table or the slots. Maybe we could set up a monument to them.